Stop politicising education – Mustapha Hamid

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Comment: Education is a SERIOUS matter

Ghanaian Citizen
2018-08-01 14:47:24
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Stop politicising education – Mustapha Hamid

Who is politicizing education? Who is taking political decisions, and would not listen to any other opinion? Who failed (or even refused) to plan for this policy, which was suggested as far back as 2012, even after being exposed badly on BBC 'hardtalk' show? Who would not even consult the the main implementors I.e. teachers? Is it Prof Addae Mensah, Prof Afful Broni or the IMANIs that are politicizing it? Mr Prez, pls STOP toying with the education of our children!!! And stop throwing in more promises anyhow, when you have not been able to handle the existing wahala!! Where is the one chocolate per child, anyway? It seems you just want live up to the No Plan Party (NPP) accolade. Pls Mr Prez!

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Ghanaian Citizen on Aug 1, 14:47
Education is a SERIOUS matter