I stand with Ghana and Mensa Otabil

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Comment: Where's our money Otabil?

Where our money are--fraudman Otabil?
2018-08-14 22:11:02
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I stand with Ghana and Mensa Otabil

My friend NO amount of your badly scented bias perfume can save this greedy fraudulent fake pastor.You can sell your nonsense to your fellow gullible church members to swallow his bullcrap,but not the average ghanaian whether educated or not,we're wide awake. Yes the average ghanaian is far wiser and smarter than Otabil and his church members and we can see how little you supporters of this crook can think,critical thinking,hence your love for this shady conman.
To insult our intelligence by claiming he was fast alseep as a board chairman is so laughable. This crook of a so called man of god want us to believe that-- its a bank's management staff that makes important decisions such as buying another bank with taxp[ayers monies--sourced from the central bank --to save his failing capital bank from its dwindling reserves and bad loans,but the crooks diverted the bailout monies from BOG to buy another bank and recklessly spent the rest.This is a board decision and not management. How about the loans to cronies/board members and first class tickets they purchased with this bailout monies from the ghanaian taxpayers (BOG). This freaking thief of a pastor steals from poor gullible ghanaians in his church,and also from the average taxpayer. What a greedy man of satan!He better pay BACK our tax monies or .......

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