I stand with Ghana and Mensa Otabil

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Comment: No Need to Polish this Shit

Koo Nimo
2018-08-14 23:38:18
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I stand with Ghana and Mensa Otabil

Yes, Mensah Otabil (he is not a Dr.) is your spiritual leader, and we have no problem with that. What we are concerned with and for which he better provide some good answers is what he and his board used Ghana's Ghc620 million for. And you as a law-abiding citizen of Ghana should be equally interested in how he spent or misused our money.
Otabil could be Kwaku Bonsam or Jesus Christ himself, but that ought not to have any bearing on our demand for good explanations about our ghc620 million that the BOG gave him.
And you, as a christian, are enjoined by the Bible to seek, speak and stand for the truth, not declare nonsensical blind faith in an accused man who is facing some rather serious charges.
God gave you a brain. Please use it and quit mouthing off blindly "I stand with Otabil"

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