Tribute: Kofi Annan protected us from our worst instincts

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Comment: Re: He did not protect Rwanda blacks

2018-08-20 06:19:46
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He did not protect Rwanda blacks

You have no clue of how invincible powers work under the darkness on the international arena. The UN is just a toothless stooge: the arrogant nuclear-powered countries are undeclared bonafide "owners" and "rulers" of this world. They went to war in Iraq disregarding the UN rules, and in another twist, the Rwanda massacre was no where close to their interest, so they looked at the opposite direction, but would still use it against Mr Kofi Annan, the then head of the UN. Hypocrisy will end all of in this world nowhere!!

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H.S. FIRE on Aug 20, 2018 06:19
Re: He did not protect Rwanda blacks