Tribute: Kofi Annan protected us from our worst instincts

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Comment: Re: He did not protect Rwanda blacks

2018-08-20 09:16:10
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He did not protect Rwanda blacks

I believe he could have resigned if they had prevented him from acting in his capacity as the security chief during the Rwandan genocide. That one and Iraq has really drown the plaudits.
Unless he was just a rubber stamp in that position. He could have served better as president of Ghana. However, he put Ghana on the world map like Nkrumah, abedi, n others.
Also, I don't see his impact much to the ordinary Ghanaian on the streets, apart from being former UN sec gen. Unless somebody will tell me what I don't know.
He has however done well by returning to Ghana after his term, at least we had former UN sec in Ghana soil. That's all.

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Sumaila on Aug 20, 2018 09:16
Re: He did not protect Rwanda blacks