Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chinese model?

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Comment: Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chines

2018-09-10 23:13:51
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Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chinese model?

I think the writer has forgotten that the very constitution under which he is operating as a member of Parliament is a hybrid of the British and American system. So what's wrong with a multi system approach to solving our problem. Ablakwa goes on to talk about E- blocks which have been abandoned in the bush whiles pupils are in the double track system. Indeed Ghanaians have very short memories. Need I remind the MP of the affordable housing the Gang of four roads. Meanwhile it baffles me where this man gets his courage to write such things about his self proclaimed attachment to Nkrumahism. This MP would jump at aroma of neocolonialism but was the first to run to the US exchange commission in the 2 billion bond issue. what an irony. As for his low self esteem issues it is not for me to deal with for even our God hates self pity. At the appropriate time and space we will start to respond to people like him both in the NDC and NPP CPP PNC et all who would not let us look forward and work hard to outsmart our common oppressor than to fight among themselves whiles the oppressor keeps oppressing us

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Symbayor on Sep 10, 2018 23:13
Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chines