Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chinese model?

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Comment: China and Chinese Akuffu-Addo's 'model'?

Anang Akanbekbisa.. London.
2018-09-11 09:58:00
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Akufo-Addo developing Ghana using Chinese model?

What has attracted the NPP government to China? Chinese nationals prospecting for gold, sidelining Ghanaians, depriving them of their livelihood, destroying cocoa farms, timber forests, food farms, polluting our rivers, destroying our ecological system, exporting plastic rice into our country, wounding Ghanaian workers in their factories and Akuffo-Addo sees China as a 'model country'? He is incurring the wrath of the West and digging his own grave! 24th. February, 1966, will be revisited. There are still tens of Emmanuel Kotokas and Akwasi Amankwa Afrifas in Ghana today!!! Let the NPP and Akuffu-Addo, tag this as trash and brush it aside, to your own peril; Ghana's peril!

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Anang Akanbekbisa.. London. on Sep 11, 2018 09:58
China and Chinese Akuffu-Addo's 'model'?