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KNUST: Cycles of violence

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Comment: Esther, wake up from your slumber

Yetan woa, due
2018-10-26 18:44:50
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KNUST: Cycles of violence

Am really surprised at Esther's one-sided analysis. Saying that the University"s Management failed to act on the Security" brutality on students is a hasty conclusion. The incident occurred on Friday night. Saturday, Sunday were not working days. What prevented the SRC from waiting for Management's decision on the issue before embarking on what appeared to be a well-thought through disgraceful vandalism? If the students' reaction had come immediately after the brutality, it would have been an unquestionable reaction. Has Esther enquired about what necessitated the brutality? Could the brutality have resulted from self defence? If your father were the Security man who had to grapple with student stone throwing at you, would you have advised him to keep quiet and suffer? Is it true that the civilian campus security persons were armed with guns? Is it true that lecturers were caning students on campus? If yes, was it a Management decision or an isolated act of a deviant lecturer? It is helpful that we as a nation, allow critical mindedness and objective analysis guide our reasoning in matters of discipline on our campuses. The VC as a person obviously has his life so but how far has Esther considered the role of the Academic Board and the Goverrning Council in all these allegations against the VC?. It is only people who don't understand how decision making systems work in the University who would jump to joining the 'remove the VC' singers. Esther! Wake up from your slumber?

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Yetan woa, due on Oct 26, 2018 18:44
Esther, wake up from your slumber