Amidu writes: The Whitaker scenario – Stifling independent investigative agency of funds

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Mr Bond
2018-11-09 16:23:15
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Amidu writes: The Whitaker scenario – Stifling i

I cry for you everyday since you were appointed special prosecutor.NDC thinks since you were part of them you will judge in favour for them and when you find them guilt they may say it is revenge because you are retaliating for late Mills wrongful dismissal from his government when you voice your opinion about corrupt and payment of fake judgement debts to NDC party faithfuls.Mr Martin please don't let fear or favour destroy your integrity and execute justices for one day we all will appeared on God judgement seat to account for our deeds.Jesus Christ never say we are save buy grace it was Paul.Jesus said our works when he appeared to John on Partoms island.Mr Martin think of patriotism first for your children are paying the money NDC stole which they do not benefit from including you while the thieves enjoy the money with their families.

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