Is Asiedu-Nketia going to snatch microphone from Ofosu Ampofo?

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Ekow Samuel.
2018-11-22 23:03:31
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Is Asiedu-Nketia going to snatch microphone from O

Concratulation ,Mr.Asiedu Nketia for going with ndc as the continuetion of your General Securtary God bless you with the ndc and your corlleagues for the the direction you are moving on as good! the straighty opossing as the democracy, is there nothing that ,it must to be adding with insult and making it a point for correcting both the direction which is moving on,Now the new moving with you as going with a Lady Zanetor Rawlling Dr. as veep as you Know the former President of the republic of Ghana Dr. Mahama John is about for the 2020 election coming'' everything in the moving of the development must to be,and the the baning ones, that is not and Tradition order must to be repecting without never disoposeing for the moving of the projets and its development must to going.
in supporting the demoracy move and its Tracdition!Concratulation to you and the founder of you the ndc and Papa J. Rawllings God bless you all the ndc and the unification of you and oman ghana

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