Man sexually assaults four British girls and their teacher on tour in Ghana at gunpoint

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Comment: Man sexually assaults four British girls

F Farrell
2018-12-15 11:33:37
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Fake story from a cheap news source

@Doctor Delores - I am in the UK and believe this story is true. I do not read the Sun and you are right, it is a low grade paper. This story has been reported in the BBC, I have not seen this in the Sun, it might be there too. It is hardly racist - there are evil people all over the world, including Europe and the UK. We are unfortunately not free of crime in the UK either. It is very sad what these girls have been through and also terrible for the security guard who was seriously injured. Hopefully the perpetrator will be caught and serve a life sentence in prison where he cannot harm anyone else.

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F Farrell on Dec 15, 2018 11:33
Man sexually assaults four British girls