The country where everyone is expected to be late

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Comment: Would You Be Late At KLM Checkin ... ?

James M Awotwe
2019-03-07 10:43:44
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The country where everyone is expected to be late

Mrs Ohene, may I ask you if you would be late at the checkin counter of any non-African airline (like KLM, Lufthansa, BA)?

Hell No! And why won't you?? (Please keep the answer!)

I read the slogan : "IF YOU ARE LATE WE WON'T WAIT" at one of London's aiport. And indeed, their gate will close exactly on schedule - except where weather conditions, some technical issues / strikes have generally affect flights.

Again, ask any Ghanaian living outside Africa if they can be late at work all the time or just bolt away from work any time they want like it is done in Ghana. I bet you'ld be writing your own resgination letter, if you try either of those two more than once, because your company will fire you. Even when you are sick, you MUST inform your company by 10 o'clock am that you are sick - and for you the entire period that you were sick, you MUST provide an attest from your doctor / the hospital you visited.

The only reason why lateness prevails in Ghana is that everyone thinks it is normal. In fact, this does not only apply to lateness but also to NOISE MAKING any many other vices.

In short: if everybody knows the president will aways be on time, they will also LEARN to be ther on time.

On predicting traffic conditions: ALWAYS reckon with the maximum thinkable delay.

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James M Awotwe on Mar 7, 10:43
Would You Be Late At KLM Checkin ... ?