Bawumia’s touted economics prowess in doubt as worsening economy gives Akufo-Addo nightmare

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Comment: Over rated Bawumia

2019-03-19 18:33:55
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Bawumia’s touted economics prowess in doubt as w

What actual practical experience did Bawumia have as an economist or Banker. Yes he passed the banking examinations but never actually worked in a bank in any capacity. Why did he go to Buckingham University, a private university. Buckingham university will accept anyone who can pay and people go there when tey cannot be accepted in the regular universities. As to doing Masters at Oxford is not the same as undergraduate studies at Oxford where you need to be top flight. If you can pay you will be able to do your Masters at Oxford. Bawumia was a lecturer at an accountancy school and assistant professor at a pretty third grade business school in Texas. He has always been a Teacher and he becomes Governor of the Bank of Ghana. He has not actually done anything practical in banking or economics, it is all theory.

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Tokugarwah on Mar 19, 2019 18:33