Is the ban on the importation of excavators really necessary?

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Comment: "unexpected cpnsequences"

King Rob
2019-04-07 17:06:00
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Re: Is the ban on the importation of excavators re

It would be more useful to understand an argument before trying to refute it.
Mr Duodu is asking whether the banning of excavators is the best way of stopping excavators from getting to galamsey fields. He has given reasons why banning them may not be the best idea, because of the unexpected consequences on the economy generally.
If excavators are being smuggled to the galamsey fields, because the police and various Task Forces cannot STOP them, we have to find the answer. If they [excavators] cannot be stopped because of CORRUPTION,why not stop the corruption?
Or are we going to accept corruption as an unstoppable fact of life, for ever?

Ghana is not the only country where corruption js caused harm to the nation. How do countries like China, Singapore,or Rwanda deal with corruption? We haven't examined the problem to its root level but we want a lazy answer -- ban excavators. Sorry but that will only bring kalabule back. Maybe Mr Duodu's critics do not know anything about the inglorious economic history of Ghana? That was partly caused by "knee-jerk" reactions, like this ban-the-excavator idea.

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King Rob on Apr 7, 17:06
"unexpected cpnsequences"