Free SHS has caused 5,500 teenage pregnancies - Otokunor reveals

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Comment: 55000 girls pregnant at where?

2019-08-29 06:11:29
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Lack of ideas

Your face, name and everything about you show you are a fool. We Ghanaians will not follow NDC again. You have nothing good for the nation. My mate who was the best student with distinction couldn't continue school because the parents couldn't pay his admission fee, not even the actual school fees at the time. Even though he ended up after JHS, today he speak and write better English than you Otukonor with degree. What do you think he would have become had he gotten the opportunity to attend school free. Free SHS is a good policy and must be supported by all reasonable Ghanaians.

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Konto on Aug 29, 2019 06:11
55000 girls pregnant at where?