Free SHS has caused 5,500 teenage pregnancies - Otokunor reveals

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Comment: Wisdom will elude the NDC forever

Safohene Nana Obuogyang
2019-08-29 07:31:02
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Lack of ideas

If the thousand-toothed Otukonnor is part of the perpetual fools who are campaigning for the NDCs' return to power, then the insane party has a herculean and uphill task to unseat the NPP. This certified custodian of buffoonery and stupidity has established himself as a clown whose utterances are laced with poison, lies, blackmail, falsehood and outright tomfoolery. And who in their right senses will vote for such atrocious upstarts to misgovern the country and sink it into oblivion?

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Safohene Nana Obuogyang on Aug 29, 2019 07:31
Wisdom will elude the NDC forever