John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now NDC bastardises GES

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Ekow Samuel.
2019-10-02 02:36:36
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John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and now N

The former President John Mahama was not accepted for the trikishing, and the same trikishing for going through the education ,its will never done that, for that in the skuul and at home,the knew of the Tradition order are always not and never accepting and the word of God in the churh also not accepting that and all the people of ghanians are not going to accept that gay and homosexuality ,that will never accepting and we are not going to accepting that and never and that is that in the ghanian society in every house of and home of ghanian! IN BOTH OUTSIDE AND INSIDE GHANA AND THAT IS THE GHANIAN HOME AND THE HOUSE of THE PERSON weather THE WOMAN OR A MAN OR A CHILDREN. it is not going to accepting that,and all our elkders must to taking that point for the today and future ghanians ,and the unification of every ghanian must to be unite of that pornographics for not accepting it, and even we pray to those whom are doing must to stopping and outting from that and even the person is making a shop on it they to close it down in our downtown home of our motherland. God must to bless Mr. Mahama John and all the former Presidents and we continue pray to the President of the republic of ghana and the youth the elders and the both the Chiefs and the kings of ghana wo Nyame nedzem mu and and Jesus Christ ,the gay and the homosexuality, God bless you once again our oman ghana.

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Ekow Samuel. on Oct 2, 02:36
Re: John Mahama tried to homosexualise Ghana and n
DusTY-FooT-pHiloSophER on Oct 5, 10:49