Kevin Taylor, you’re a reporter, not an ‘opinionist’; you’re guided by the rule of impartiality!

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Comment: The truth will set us free!!

2019-10-15 05:52:20
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Kevin Taylor, you’re a reporter, not an ‘opini

while no apologist for Kevin Taylor, using World Bank figures and comments by Kwaku Baaku to buttress your points doesn't hold water, I am not so sure where Kwaku Baako got the credentials from to be a reliable politico-economic pundit that his comments on the economy of Ghana can be used as evidence to refute an accusation. Secondly, if the former CEO of a company stole and was dismissed, that does not justify that the new one should also steal and claim that "I am not stealing as much as my predecessor", don't let us be blinded by ethnic and political ties to jump to unnecessary conclusions, if the guy makes allegations, let the proper investigative authorities in Ghana, follow up on this matters and see if there are at least any truths in them before branding everything as the working of the opposition!!!

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zantoda on Oct 15, 2019 05:52
The truth will set us free!!