The man Rawlings; an apostle of justice.

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Comment: Jasmine

Prepare for a hail of insults
2019-12-12 00:28:26
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The man Rawlings; an apostle of justice.

Maybe you should buy several huge pots to contain the number of insults you're going to harvest talking about Rawlings in those terms because as there are those who still love him for some of those things you talked about, others want to see him dead for those same ideals.

Sometimes it's difficult not to like the person because of his unique character but you understand that for human beings, being good and principled too draws hatred against you...

When Nkrumah was overthrown, there were a huge number of lies fabricated against him. As at now, there are a group in Ghana that still hate him and want his name forever removed from anything he ever touched but we know that apart from little mistakes, Nkrumah died poor.

What's interesting is that, Rawlings, like Nkrumah are loved and appreciated outside the borders of Ghana, in Africa.

There's something that distinguished we blacks from the world folk: the mark of Cain: We're created different. Jealousy, envy, hypocrisy bad faith, dishonesty and lack of patriotism will ensure that we will never have good functioning countries. Our countries will remain stagnant forever unlike the West despite all the gold, timber, bauxite...all the mineral deposits and oil.

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Prepare for a hail of insults on Dec 12, 2019 00:28