The pursuit of JJ Rawlings on the path of Freedom and Justice

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Comment: Re: Rawlings should be arrested

2019-12-24 14:55:54
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Rawlings should be arrested

You obviously have strong, emotional feelings about JJ Rawlings and are calling for his arrest. Do you not know that as a citizen of the Republic of Ghana, you can go and arrest Rawlings yourself and hand him to the police or the authorities for committing the "treasonous acts" you refer to. It is within your rights to do that. It is called "citizen's arrest".
But you haven't. Instead, you are hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and spewing out unadulterated nonsense. I think I know the reason why you haven't done so. It is because you are a coward, timorous little village lad who has somehow managed to sneak into Europe undetected or on the pretext of seeking asylum when in fact, no one in Ghana, apart from your village folk know you. You are not a good citizen of Ghana at all. You have evidence that a man has killed "millions of innocent Ghanaians" and you have done nothing about it. Rather, you are hiding in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from here, calling for the man to be arrested. Everything you have said in your comment betrays you as a shy, timid, little village boy who has zero respect for the various ethnic groups in Ghana and who has zilch knowledge of the political history of Ghana. My friend, stop being a troll and allow the space to be used by people with positive, sensible ideas to share. Thank you and have a happy Christmas, if you indeed know what Christmas is.

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Razakio on Dec 24, 2019 14:55
Re: Rawlings should be arrested