The pursuit of JJ Rawlings on the path of Freedom and Justice

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2019-12-24 22:23:41
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Treasonous Rawlings.

The writer is not only drank but perhaps hooked on meth. Rawlings did something but his rule was marred by the many disparaging vocabulary you have thrown in your post. Was there any equality in his reign where soldiers could commit any heinous crime including rape and murder? Read what his woeful partner in crime, Boakye Gyan posted not long ago on Ghanaweb on atrocities that Papa J and his rogues committed. At least, I remember that of Yeyeboy, B.B Bismarck of Aburi, the three judges , Matesco of Koforidua and the PAstor who was murdered at Kumasi. Are you that young? What was done to Markola women? Goods seized stripped to their pants in public? Do you remember them. In the end Nsawam Cannery and properties of GNTC was sold to his wife for almost free. You talk about equality? How did he manage to send his kids to school in UK while he forced JSS and SSS on Ghanaians. Not all Ghanaians are stupid and or too young not to know what happened during his time. What was done to some senior officers in the military then. You talk about nepotism? Why was Quarshiga, his uncle not put to trial for plans to stage a coup but Kyereme Gyan was put to death for trying to organize a coup. What shall you call that. Because he deceived Akatapore and some Northeners, who could not go back home for assisting Papa J to overthrow Limann. The list is long. Did you hear an Asante royal, belonging to Manshia who was forced to carry human shit? I mean Kwasi Agyeman. Some of us are well educated and old enough to remember all those nonsense he helped do or happened under his regime. I know politicians are crook and corrupt but stop praising Papa and parading him as an angel for he was not and he is not.

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Frank Agyena-Karikari on Dec 24, 2019 22:23