3-year-old girl defiled by a 38-year-old fufu pounder denied justice

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2019-12-31 01:18:29
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3-year-old girl defiled by a 38 -years

I just can't understand why some people are so inhumane. Iam getting worried because it seems that the Ghana that I left about 20 years ago is now a different part of the world. It is now a place where people dont care about their fellow human anymore. The first person to have reacted for this poor lady is her employer who also turned against her, abused her on top of what she us going through and in the worst case the police officer whom she reported the case to. The woman (her employer) must be arrested and the the police officer must be fired immediately. He is not working for the interest of the nation. He is among of those trying to sabotage the government. This is very sad story.

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Frank on Dec 31, 2019 01:18
Re: 3-year-old girl defiled by a 38 -years