New voters' register dates coincides with Ramadan period – Muslim Council

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Comment: Ghana must move forward

2020-01-31 04:59:33
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New voters' register dates coincides with Ramadan

Dear EC chairperson,many Ghanaian people want to see your competence, so go ahead with the compilation of new voters' register along with the time set. If the EC refuses to compile new voters' register, the same NDC will make a U-turn to take the EC chairperson to court after 2020 election. Simply, the former EC chairperson Charlotte Osei was removed from her office based on many accusations. Therefore, failure on the part of Jean Mensah to reform electoral machinery will lead her to court after election 2020. We need new voters' register to move Ghana forward period. Muslim council should know this is a bad precedence, its national exercise.Will muslims not go to work during Ramadan?

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Ghanabapa on Jan 31, 2020 04:59
Ghana must move forward