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2020-03-26 15:58:58
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@kwaku Yeboah, just listen, you and your likes hollow propaganda are not even killing a fly. You people think the people are blind and gullible, you've lost it! Go and ask our brothers in the Zongo communities; check the whole Northern and Upper regions; the Oti and part of Volta; These were all NDC strongholds; GO AND ASK THEM.
The work this government has so far done around all the sixteen Regions are what the people are going to base on. I know a horde of ravaging sharp teeth are going to come after me to name those achievements. No, I won't do it, but you people continue to sleep on this forum spewing all sorts of propaganda that Akuffo Addo has done nothing... '3B3 Y3 MO S3 SINI' on that day. You people should have cried to your leaders to release 'the Akwasi Botwe Commission' commendations of why an incumbent suffered such a humiliating defeat, and find solutions; no, you come here telling who, that Akuffo Addo has failed? YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME LAUGH. 'W'ani tua s3 Akuffo Addo is laughing, na wose he is crying a, 3s3 wo ara'

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