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Comment: Insult to Ghanaian populace

2020-03-27 23:03:52
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EC selected party representatives for IPAC meeting

This NDC line that the NPP fooled Ghanaians to bite overwhelmingly against the then incumbent NDC govt of John Mahama is insulting the intelligence of the Ghanaian voting populace.

To call an electorate, whose vote you need to return to power, stupid is a really novel way to get them to vote for you. This clearly shows the NDC has become delusionally and is willing to face the realities that caused their overwhelming defeat in 2016.

NDC keep deluding yourself, you are on course for another defeat if you cannot tell the electorate what you intend to do different or better from the current government or the last time you were in power and were turfed out. Insulting the electorate by calling it stupid and gullible I don't believe is the best electoral tactics.

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Fo Koku - Tanyigbe on Mar 26, 2020 13:33
Bransboy on Mar 27, 2020 23:03
Insult to Ghanaian populace