Farmer jailed 20 years for defiling, impregnating daughter, 15

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Comment: hahahaha obbobooboboe dzalele

2020-04-26 15:38:07
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akyems are most barbaric group on earth

Oh my broda, you made my day. We have to leave some literature on the internet for our descendants to grow and use as reference materials in times of need, if not for as long as we belong to this deception of a state called ghana, these cheeap things will run amok with their backwardness, insulting any body anyhow. This is a divine call to duty that we ought to fulfill. Just as the Israelis stand up for their survival even to the extent of using powerful fighter jets for bombing missions, we owe it a duty to match these akan things squarely. Nukawoe nye hiawo ee? Because we have kept mute alll along so they think they are the only custodians of insults. If for nothing at all lets copy their insulting nature and leave their wearing of big chains, L and R rigmarole, fraud, incest, backbiting, ritual murder, sikaduro, primitivity, and mediocrity. May God Almighty bless you for fighting for your tribe and its future. Amen.

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Ewevi on Apr 26, 2020 15:38
hahahaha obbobooboboe dzalele