EC’s waning credibility debacle

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Comment: EC's Stance Truly Questionable

2020-05-20 20:36:07
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EC’s waning credibility debacle

If I were an opposition politician, it would be more than obvious that Jean Mensah's intent is to suppress registration in certain constituencies. Her language and demeanor begs one question, who does she work for?

From all indications, I doubt she recognises the people of Ghana as stakeholders, whenever she touts her independence. The independence of any organizations can always be assessed depending on whether a broad discourse is encouraged. It this case, the EC chair acts as though she is an autocratic hell bent on satisfying special interests, more so than address the dire needs of a nation.

We truly miss Afari Gyan and Charlotte Osei.

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NorbertAsante on May 20, 2020 20:36
EC's Stance Truly Questionable