SHS 3 students stranded in Sekondi

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Comment: Please Be Reasonable

Kwadwo Asare
2020-06-23 14:48:10
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Re: SHS 3 students stranded in Sekondi

I don't agree with you in this situation where some students have to use public transportation and they have no control. I have experience travelling to Sefwi Juabeso during my national service days where the bus leaves Takoradi at 10am and gets to Sefwi Assawinso at 11pm for us to continue the next day to our various villages.
The situation was even worse when coming. The bus can just stop and wait for a market woman going to bring her stuff from the farm.
So, should students coming from that part of the region be sent away? Can their reasons for being late be verified?

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Kwadwo Asare on Jun 23, 2020 14:48
Please Be Reasonable