Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old student in Ketu South

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Comment: Soon it will be over

Togbega zingana
2020-06-30 12:00:37
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Immigration officer ‘brutalises’ 19-year-old s

The bees are coming on him publicly.
Akuffo Addo will run out of home naked while chasing by bees, both security around his home and office will be first attack, i want the dwarf to be disgrace publicly, there, more confessing will leak, the 3 Takoradi girls, JB killing, kumasi girls killing and many many others.
I promise Ghanaians that all the killings and the serious accident records in High wat blood sharing will be link out soon.
I am Togbega Zanziga from Benin Republic, i am here to disgrace any idiot specially the President, Bawumia, Samira, Bempa, Wontumi, Ken Agyapong, Fomer IGP Apeatu, Former Police Commander the bastard lady on Takoradi girls i know were they are, Boahen, Samuel Boadu, Osafo Marfo, Ursula, and other 20 others, Ghana will be like cementary more secreets are coming with bees attack.

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Togbega zingana on Jun 30, 2020 12:00
Soon it will be over