he God of Mahama Defeats the God of Kofi Basoah

Mon, 2 Sep 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

In some strange circumstances, we have experienced a situation where one God defeats the other. We know that there is only one God. However, the God, who encouraged President Mahama to go out proclaiming he had been ordained to be President and was only waiting for the Supreme Court to reaffirm his election, has defeated that of Kofi Basoah.

Kofi Basoah’s dreams never fail but this time around, the God that revealed the dreams to him has let him down. That God Himself has been defeated. Was that God real or a fake? How can the same one God Almighty we have heard of could be telling different things to different people? One must be fake and the other I wonder if the true Most powerful God would sit by for the fake God who could be of the devil to defeat Him. I leave this to those that understand spirituality to deal with it. Nonetheless, I have respected Kofi Basoah and hope the evil one has not tricked some human beings to assist in portraying the true God as the liar. His first dream before election 2012 came to pass as revealed. As we speak, I cannot tell which of the Gods is genuine but I may be inclined to go with that of John Mahama taking things by the face value unless something mysterious happens to glaringly tell which of them is the genuine God.

Let us all put any intended or further political wrangling behind us to help President John Mahama and his NDC move the country forward. I hope and pray that they will curtail their corruption that has wreaked havoc on the economy, bringing in its tail the hardships most Ghanaians are facing.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson