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Mr. Philip Comi Gbeho, Composer Of The Current Ghana National Anthem

Mr. Philip Comi Gbeho (Composer Of The Current Ghana National Anthem )

Other NamesMr. Philip Comi
Date of Birth1904-00-00

Detailed Biography

1904 -1976

In the early morning of March 6'th 1967, as the Union Jack was lowered and the Red, Gold, Green flag of the newly independent country fluttered in the air over the National Assembly building.The country's new National Anthem was warbled by the teeming crowd.

The music for the new anthem which replaced God Bless The Queen which hitherto had been the country's anthem was written by Mr. Philip Comi Gbeho. His piece was one of the many entries that had been presented to the National Anthem Selection Committee. For unexplained reasons, the government discarded the original lyrics by Mr. Gbeho's. It and replaced by one written by the commissioned literary committee. It was these lyrics that Mr. Gbeho went with as the National Anthem on the March 6'th 1967.