Princess Shyngle

Name Shyngle
Other Names Princess
Date of Birth1990-12-25
Place Banjul

Detailed Biography


Princess Shyngle is a Ghana based Gambian actress . she was born in Banjul , Gambia on 25th December 1990 to Mr. Winston Shyngle a former deputy mayor of Banjul and Ramatolie Cham. She attended the Ndowa Comprehensive School from daycare through to secondary school and proceeded to attend the Jollof tutors to do a computer course .
She represented Gambia internationally in a reality show ‘ The Next Movie Star Africa’ which sparked her acting career . She starred in several Ghanaian movies including ‘ Why Should I Get Married’ . Princess Shyngle has also dated a couple of famous Ghanaians including rapper D Black and footballer , Michael Essien.
Princess Shyngle is known for her hourglass figure which she claimed was achieved by wearing waist trainers . she posts her pictures on social media especially on instagram flaunting her curves and has recently started a business , selling waist trainers as well .