Atongo Zimba (Traditional Ghanaian Music)

Other NamesAtongo
Date of Birth0000-00-00

Detailed Biography

Atongo Zimba is one of the biggest music exports out of Ghana. He was born on the savannahs of northern Ghana in 1967. His grandfather taught him how to build and play the koliko or molo, a two-stringed calabash lute and the first songs he learned were rooted firmly in tradition, dealing with everyday life in the countryside of northern Ghana.

As a child, he was also exposed to African popular music on the radio and he was enthralled by the sounds of Fela Kuti's afrobeat. Atongo's own repertoire has also been informed by his countless encounters with musicians from a variety of traditions. His cover version of the polka classic 'No Beer in Heaven' was a major hit in Ghana! Atongo Zimba's music is and distinctive voice alternately expresses praising, and cajoling, poking fun, criticizing, and tender caressing. He lives with his white wife in the Netherlands where the tours Europe and the rest of the world. Occasionally he visits Ghana to perform.