Religion Sun, 25 Jul 2010

2000 people to participate in Deeper Life Campus Congress

Kumasi, July 25, GNA - Two thousand people nationwide would be expected to participate in this year's, national campus community congress of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship to be held in Kumasi, from Wednesday, July 28 -August 1.

The participants, mostly intellectuals, who would be attending the congress code named Optima 2010, and on the theme, "Soaring unto the highest height" include lecturers, professors, lawyers, medical doctors, administrators, students and other members of the campus community.

Students qualified to attend are those in the universities, polytechnics, College of Education, health training schools, national service personnel and students who have gained admission into higher educational institutions.

Addressing a pre-conference media launch in Kumasi on Saturday, Pastor John Borham, National Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Ghana, said the campus congress are held in Nigeria, Ghana, and other nations, and have been a means of transformation in the lives of thousands of students and academia.


He said the impacting of success principles over the past 25 years has helped in the development of a large number of highly educated lecturers, professors, professionals, business executives and many others.

Pastor Francis Fosu, National Coordinator of the Fellowship, said issues and messages that would be discussed at the congress include, "Power with God", "Soaring on the wings of faith", Entrance into heaven", "Career discovery", Financial management", Principles of academic success", "Marriage and family life".

He said among the benefits to be gained at the congress by individuals, the academia, churches and the nation at large include true salvation, freedom from sin and righteousness, all round victory, blissful family life, success in academic life, freedom from sexually transmitted diseases, health and healing.

"It would inculcate in participants the spirit of nationalism and nation building, and also offer them the opportunity to socialize to improve their personal well being and responsibility," he added.

Source: GNA