Religion Sun, 5 Apr 2009

Bishop bemoans Christians disregard for morals in hymns.

Ho, April 5, GNA-Rt. Rev. Samuel O. Achamfuo-Yeboah, Bishop of the Tema Diocese of the Methodist Church, on Saturday expressed disappointment at the apparent imperviousness of Christians to the wisdom in the hymns they continually sing at worships. He said the piety, modesty, commitment and valour among other thoughtfulness in those hymns had failed to reflect in the lives of Christians.

Rt. Rev. Achamfuo-Yeboah was addressing the Sixth Conference and Third Annual General Meeting of the Tema Diocesan Lay Movement of the Methodist Church in Ho.

"In our hymn books, a substantial portion is reserved for holiness. We sing them joyfully but with little intention to be holy," he chided. Rt. Rev. Achamfuo-Yeboah said his expectation was for every Methodist and for that matter professed Christians to abstain from sexual immorality, be diligent at home and at work. He charged all Methodists to put a lot more stress on evangelism to stop the churches dwindling membership and also support the poor in the church.

Rt. Rev. Achamfuo-Yeboah urged every Lay Methodist to be dutiful in whatever endevour and all to "weep over our failures, sins, unfaithfulness and disservice of the past and watch out to do the right thing in the future". Mr Samuel Abakah, Diocesan Lay Chairman urged the 15 circuits under the diocese to budget for assessments to enable them meet their commitments. Reports of the preceding meeting and accounts would be read at the conference and assessments for the current year discussed and allotted.

Source: GNA