Christians in Canada declare prosperity on Easter

Pente Praises and Worship at the Pentecost Church in Toronto

Sat, 7 Apr 2018 Source: Stephen Quaye

The tears did not flow; noses did not run because there was no wailing by fellow Christians who congregated at various churches to mark the Easter Friday in Toronto-Canada on March 30, 2018.

Dirges were not played nor sang which accompanies wailing and wiping of tears from the eyes of fellow congregants as usually observed in Ghana on such occasions.

The noses were not running as usually seen on this day as members go through such situations to show sympathy for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago.

As it is usually observed in Ghana where fellow Christians go to Church on this day to wail or sing dirge music to create mourning for the dead of Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago, great silence filled most of the Ghanaian churches auditorium in Toronto-Canada where the day was greatly observed.

Hymnals, canticles and praises sang created a few scenes where members showed a state of sadness but did not burst into tears as it used to be observed in the past, but they were at short intervals.

Dressed in black, red and any other attire accepted in mourning the dead, fellow Christians gathered in various church auditoriums to worship as part of activities that marked the death of Jesus Christ on the Good Friday March 30, 2018.

Various church auditoriums were filled to capacity as even occasion worshipers; throng the church to join regular members in service by singing and taking the nine lessons on the cross as well as the fourteen Stations of the Cross as Jesus said before he gave up his ghost as written in the Bible.

Most of the streets in the city of Toronto were dead silent as non-Christians either stayed home to soberly reflect on the occasion with their family’s whiles Christians thronged the church to observe the occasion with many activities.

Easter Sunday:

The Church of Pentecost Canada headquartered in Toronto, held a joint Easter Convention to mark the occasion as members of its societies in the Greater Toronto Area [GTA], gathered at the main auditorium of the church at shepherd.

Members in humility went onto their knees, others bowing and lowering themselves before the lord during the praises and worship time as the worship songs created a serene atmosphere that made it possible for all to worship the lord.

It was all joy when members of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church of Canada, danced happily in circles before the altar waving their white handkerchiefs for the glorification of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Clad in their various church society uniforms, members reflected on the occasion where Jesus Christ rose from the dead with such a power to offer deliverance to all mankind.

The atmosphere was charged at Ghana Methodist Church of Toronto where members very happy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ declared that “Yes Jesus is risen indeed.”

Summarizing all the activities of the Easter festivities, Very Reverend Joseph Owusu Atuahene, noted that the resurrection is more than just an event that happened once in history adding, “It is the source of power everyone can experience in his own life every day.”

He observed that, the same power that brought Jesus from the death to life is available to every mankind, and if they will tap into it, they will see amazing transformation in their lives too.

How to experience the resurrection power in their lives every day, Reverend Atuahene reminded all to be willing to sacrifice by deciding to crucify their self-attitude and behavior, do not withdraw from impossible situations but rather face it till crown is obtained, live well with all people and not hate or discriminate and seek God’s favour and authority all the time.

Very Reverend Joseph Owusu Atuahene leading the congregation made a declaration that when men say it is over, God takes over; and when God takes over, the battle is over.

“On this resurrection Sunday, I speak into your life that God takes over every impossible issue in your life today” which received a deafening shout of Amen.

He further declared, “May God grants your permanent solutions. May you succeed and prosper where others have failed and a more deafening shout of Amen was given to the declaration which brought the proceedings to a close.

Source: Stephen Quaye