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Criticize bad policies -Lecturer urges clergy

The clergy have been advised not to shower praises on governments but be bold to criticize bad policies and offer constructive advice .

Dr. Stephen Baffour Adjei, a lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba sald this when addressing graduands who have completed pastoral studies from the BetheSDA Center of Evangelism and Bible Training School at Anomawobi in the Central Region. The graduands are from Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Kenya.

The lecturer remanded the clergy of their noble duty to proclaim the Gospel and save the perishing stressing they must live above reproach.

He stated that since Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo assumed office the clergy had made clarion call to all of us to be responsible citizens of Ghana and not mere spectators. “ This call I believe is also a call to the clergy to teach and preach messages that can help transform the attitude of congregants to active citizens who will not only be interested in what Ghana can do for them, but to show maximum interest in what they can do for mother Ghana.

Dr. Adjei posited that the clergy could not continue with the practice of finding their voice to pray for peace for the nation only during national elections. “While it is commendable to preach for peaceful political atmosphere for national development, it is equally important to be vociferous and decisive about economic mismanagement, corruption and bad policies.


Dr. Adjei asked the clergy to note that they have a key role to play on the national effort to forge political tolerance and unity in Ghana. He charged the clergy to use their pulpits to reject all forms of hatred and violence in the name of religion. He said their civic duties and responsibilities should not be limited to paying taxes and voting in national elections or taking part in a national census or communal labour. “ We also owe a duty to our God and our citizenship to expose the religions blind leaders and preaches who have vowed to made an industry out of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

‘Let me remind you that it is not enough to point out error but most essential to expose the very technique by which such error is made as truth?

The lecturer also admonished the graduandss to be obedient and faithful to their call adding that as you graduate today from this institution to begin your work as steelyards of Christ, the snares of the devil are subtle, deliberate and subliminal. The devil is never tired in his work,; he is always on duty. But as Christians, believers and ministers of the Gospel, we owe it a moral duty to defend our faith through daily personal sacrifices and lifestyles worth emnaulating.

Dr. Adjei charged the graduands to becareful of innumerable self – acclaimed men of God who have made it their duty to preach and practice “ dirty theology.

This type of theology that emphasis s material gains over salvation; the kind that treasure flamboyant lifestyles of Christ more than moderate humble lifestyle of Christ . dirty theologian and minister of God have materialized religion for personal and political gains white there exist many of the dirty theologians and minsters of the Gospel in the world today, there are equally good members of true believers who silently” sigh and cry for the abomination” confusion and darkness which assails the precious church of Christ. ‘’

Mrs. Sharma Welty director of BetheSDA Center of Evangelism and Bible Training Center said she was grateful that students who have graduated from the school for the past years have excelled and become beacon of light to many.

On behalf of the graduands, Mr. Joshua Karim, expressed gratitude to the director, lecturers and staff of the center for the invaluable lessons they have received.

The chief of Anomawobi, Nai Okpeh Okai thanked the director of the centre for establishing the center and appealed for more schools to be centered in the area.

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Guarduands, and invited guests. Inset is Dr. Stephen N baffour Adjei