Religion Thu, 24 May 2012

Duncan-Williams calls for prayers for nation

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, Chairman of the National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC), on Wednesday called on churches not to dabble in partisan politics but to pray for divine peace before, during and after the December polls.

He said “peace is a product of prayer” and it was through incessant prayers that made God to intervene to make the 2008 general election which was very crucial in Ghana’s democratic dispensation, violence-free.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams, the founder of Action Chapel International, made the call on Wednesday at a leadership conference organised by the Association in Sunyani.

The conference, organised by the NACCC, was attended by more than 650 pastors and church leaders including Bishop Addai Mensah, Pastor Gideon Titi-Offei and Pastor Victor Osei.

It was aimed to encourage, strengthen and prepare the participants adequately for pastoral work.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said God had already chosen “who should be the leader of the country” and that Ghanaians should continue to pray so that the outcome of the elections would be divine without anyone disputing the results.

“There is a conflict going on in the second heavens between God and Satanic kingdoms to determine who should govern the nation, but heaven would do nothing until Christians pray and it is in the midst of prayers that the divine will of God will be revealed”, he said.

“Whoever will win the general election must first win in the spirit not in the flesh, and this is the reason the Church must rise up and come against satanic hijackers of the nation”, the archbishop added.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said there were some satanic forces and other evil wreckers who sought Ghana’s doom because of the oil as well as other natural resources, and stressed the need for Christians to continue to pray for the nation.

He appealed to Ghanaians to ensure that whenever they go on their knees to pray they should remember to pray for the Presidency and all those in authority, so that the nation would continue to enjoy the prevailing peace and tranquility.

The Archbishop said the upcoming general election “is going to be hard and difficult” but was quick to add that “the same God who saw us through the previous elections would definitely see us through this one”.

He asked Ghanaians not to capitalize on God’s divine intervention to “sit down and fold arms thinking that everything will go on successfully without praying”.**

Source: GNA