Religion Wed, 8 Mar 2017

Evangelist Michael Zigah exposed


A video just dropped into my WhatsApp about an evangelist by the name of Michael Zigah on Adom Tv's "Asumas?m" who claims to be once a spiritualist and president of money ritualists (sikaduro) association in Ghana before meeting Jesus Christ. This evangelist has been featured on TIG Franky5's show on Hitz Fm and other churches. A little information I know about this young man is that he's a native of the Volta Region, joined occultism in 2004 at age 19 for temporary wealth, and he is the only survivor of nine of his cohorts who were in the act. Apart from this information that I got from the Christian World GH website, I know nothing about his entire life. However, in this interview on Adom Tv, which is already circulating on the social media, Zigah makes some claims that cut to the core of his honesty in his so-called occult life.

In the interview, Zigah claims to have reached the 5th level in the occult realms after traveling to the occult headquarters in Indian to go around (kaba-like procession) a flaming statue seven times as part of the initiation ritual to receive power to vanish, resist bullets, and to conjure things. Zigah repeatedly claimed that the burning image is a power in Indian. Unfortunately, fact check of this image proves contrary to Zigah's claims.

The image he's referring to was called Embrace, a large-scale sculpture made by the Pier Group for Burning Man 2014. "Burning Man is an annual gathering that takes place at Black Rock City—a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The event is described as an experiment in community and art, influenced by 10 main principles, including "radical" inclusion, self-reliance and self-expression, as well as community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy and leaving no trace." (Wikipedia). In each annual Burning Man, an art sculpture is displayed and burned after the event.

Pier Group's sculpture of Embrace began in 2013 with 100 artists. Embrace was a sculpture of two persons (male and female) embracing each other in love. The concept, according to Pier Group, was to set as a reminder of everyone that the world has loved and lost. The event had no religious connotation or ritualism. It was purely an art event.

The image that appeared in Zigah's interview on Adom Tv was taken by Trey Ratcliff, an American photographer, when Embrace was set ablaze symbolizing how we lose love ones. This proves Zigah's claim of an Indian kaba-like ritual false.

It is not only Zigah who had made such outrageous claims in Ghana. Many years ago, a man arose in Ghana by the name of Morgan, who claimed to have been an occultist and visited Maame Water (water goddess) on several occasions. He became an evangelist whose voice was heard on Ghanaian radios. He made audio recordings and earned a fine fame across the country. Unfortunately, Morgan's claims came to be seen as falsehood until his demise.

In 1 John 4: 1, the Bible cautions about false prophets. The word of God says, "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world." In my humble opinion, I think the claims of this so-called Evangelist Michael Zigah are complete falsehood, and no common sense Christian should give heed to him. False prophets are real!

Source: Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi