Religion Tue, 30 Oct 2007

Ghana will lead black renaissance -Pastor

Pastor Sampson Joe Baning, the head Pastor of the Living Testimonies For Jesus Bible Ministry (LTJBM) has cautioned politicians to shun Corruption and Idolatry and put their trust in God because, Ghana is preserved to lead Africa for the restoration of the world.

He therefore debunked claims that the Black Race is cursed. On the contrary he said, blacks were powerful people who dominated the world in the ancient time when they used to live in Egypt and Ethiopia.

Ghana he said, was going to lead Africa in championing African Excellence for a new Pan African renaissance in the 21st century, and therefore urged Ghanaian politicians not to do anything to destroy the nation and its democratic processes because, the nation is firmly established in the divine.

Speaking with power to a horde of journalists in Accra last Tuesday, to launch his research findings, Pastor Joe Baning who is also the President of the Black Lineage Reality Research Centre (BLRRC) traced problems that had confronted African over the years to a protracted punishment by God, known as SPIRIT OF DIZZINESS.

However he said the duration of the punishment has come to an end and it is time for the Blacks to take their rightful position according to God's own plan to run the show in the world.


“God pronounced a protracted punishment on our Black ancestors in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia, for surrendering their power to Nephilim or super-humans who tapped their God-given talents that made them world leaders in the then world. “The Bible calls this protracted punishment the SPIRIT OF DIZZINESS,” he revealed.

“Under this punishment, God prophesied that he would disperse Egyptians (our ancestors). They would go into slavery, fight among themselves, fall under foreign domination such as colonialism and that from their super-power status they would become the lowliest of all nations till an appointed time, when God will call them for their restoration to embark on an end-time world-wide gospel revival to glorify Him”, Pastor Joe Baning stated.

He said it was not for nothing that Africa is the richest continent in the world yet, remains the poorest in outlook.

Pastor Joe Baning described the continent’s predicaments as African Crisis Puzzle, added that the demoralizing effect on the people including some intellectuals and some of the leaders, have compelled many to jump into the conclusion that Africans are a curse without any biblical bases.

With such mindset of doom, it is pathetic to find Africans who find themselves in positions of authority engaging in scavenging and purging their parochial interest to the detriment of the people, he said He said Ghana is a unique nation in God’s scheme of things whose divine and historical significance in Africa and the world at large, were shrouded in mystery.

Sounding biblical he traced the genesis of African problems saying satan and the rest of the fallen angels forcefully had illicit sexual intercourse with women of the day, and brought forth a new hybrid stock of satanic humans called the Nephilim, giants or bullies.

He said due to this unfortunate situation in the weird exploits of this satanic hybrid stock of humans who polluted the world, it brought about the anger of God leading to Noah’s flood.

Pastor Joe Baning pointed out that Nephilim or the super humans have escaped historical and scientific scrutiny, even though they were original humans who polluted the world to intolerable levels God could not bear and so destroyed them and the world with the flood.

He said the problems of the black began when after the floods, Nephilim came back through the black ancestor called Nimrod, the grandson of Ham at the city of Babel where the tower of Babel was built.

He said after the destruction of the tower of Babel, Nephilim or satanic super human beings fearing the wrath of God fled and sojourned in the heart of the continent of Africa, the center of the world where the Greenwich Meridian crossed the equator from zero degrees north, to zero degree south.

Source: -Jale Dominic (THE SUN)