Religion Sun, 21 Sep 2008

Global Evangelical Church reiterates the need for peace

Accra, Sept. 21, GNA - Reverend Christian F.W. Gbekor, Accra Presbytery Chairman of the Global Evangelical Church, on Saturday reiterated the call on Ghanaians, especially Christians to ensure that peace and unity prevail in the run-up to elections in December.

"Ghana is known as a peaceful country and so Ghanaians must in their own small way contribute to keeping the nation peaceful," he said at a farewell service for four pastors, who had successfully completed their tenure at the Kotobabi branch of the Church.

e urged political parties to be tolerant of each other, adding that Ghana had been in existence before the inception of party politics. Reverend Felix Mensah Agbo, Accra Presbytery Clerk of the Church, asked Christians to develop love for their neighbours to emulate Christ, who stood for love.

He urged all eligible voters to turn exercise their franchise and choose leaders who have the development of the country at heart. Rev. Agbo called on religious leaders to lead exemplary lives. "Do not preach virtue and practice vice," he added.


Source: GNA