Religion Fri, 21 Oct 2016

God is powerless if he allows me to operate with evil powers

The General Overseer and Founder of International Godsway Church on Tuesday spoke about how powerful God is and the fact that God could strike him dead if he (Bishop Obinim) was leading his huge congregation astray.

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim, popularly referee to as the Angel of God due to his Angelic miracles said "God is powerful and can strike me dead, why will he allow me to lead my large congregation to hell, why will God sit and allow me to do that. If God will allow this then God is not God".

He stated further that "If I have any black powers behind my miracles, then God is not God! "

Continuing his sermon, he elaborated on some of the reasons why many Christians have good and wonderful dreams and prophecies but do not see the physical manifestation of these wonderful things.

He said most people are fornicating,with some having three, four boyfriends or girlfriends. Thus most people enjoy living sinful lives which block their blessings. He was however quick to add that as humans one can make mistakes. He said the sermon was for those who intentionally sin.


Bishop Obinim went on further to say that there is good prophecy by great men of God, and that if all will come to pass, people must stop their bad character and stop enjoying sin. "All these things will delay your good things in life" he said."God has given you a prophecy, you have dreamt of good things but all has not materialised, check your character".

Also, Bishop Obinim stated that some people also judge quickly and that they pass judgement at any little thing they see.

He used Jesus Christ and the prostitute as an example. He said "Jesus Christ stood with a prostitute for long hours and gave her prophecy, if it were to be now his disciples would have concluded that he is having elicit affair with her.

Finally he said one of the reasons why some people do not see the physical manifestation of their good dreams and prophesies is that they like invoking curses on other people. "These people normally attract evil spirit to them. These kind of people normally experience spiritual marriage" he disclosed

Source: Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya