Religion Fri, 22 Apr 2016

Heaven and hell is lottery - Obinim

Controversial Pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim, founder and overseer of International God's Way Church which has branches in Ghana and beyond was today interviewed on UTV's "ADEHYE NSOROMA" to clear the air on several issues surrounding him.

He gave explanations to most of the controversies around him amongst which were his style of performing miracles which most people condemned, the challenge between him and the fetish priest and he turning into animals with his father Jesus amongst other things.

He stated clearly that it was the angelic spirit in him that turned into animals and not his physical being and quoted Bible verses to support this. He further went on to say that he is indeed an angel and a very powerful one and speaks to his father Jesus everyday and was even the one who helped Atom with his hit song, "Y3 W) KROM".

When asked by the hostess why he gives lotto numbers in his church, he said,

"There are so many types of lottery. Mentor is lottery, Icons is lottery, The Pulpit is lottery, promotions from petrol stations is lottery, I even helped someone to win a Vodafone lottery, HEAVEN and HELL is also lottery"

He further warned Ghanaians not to say any bad things about him because he speaks not of anybody and asked that we all helped to have a peaceful election come November, 7.

Source: Modernghana.com