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Mainline churches not spared of problems of succession – Rev Ansah

Convener and Director of the Kingdom Equip Network, Rev Dr Emmanuel K. Ansah has bemoaned the fact that mainline churches have not been spared from the numerous challenges of turbulent transitions and successions despite their strong transition structures.

He made this observation during the Ekklesia Roundtable 2018 Series held at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Accra on Friday, November 23, 2018.

Speaking on the theme ‘Transitions and Successions in the Ghanaian Church’, Rev. Dr. Ansah said that, “In the mid-eighties, we witnessed court actions, press conferences and public demonstrations by Methodist Youth on the streets of Accra at the end of the tenure of the late Rt. Rev Jacob Stanley Adama Stephens as President of the Conference of the Methodist Church Ghana.”

He added that unfortunately, a minister even collapsed during of the press conferences at the time.

The issue of succession and transitions in modern day Ghanaian churches have followed down on a path marked with corruption and deceit. Allegations of vote buying and campaigns (which is often not accepted) tend to become the order of the day.

He also revealed that, “in a recent discourse with an elder of a large denomination, …politicking could be compared to the unfortunate happenings in the two leading political parties in Ghana.”

According to him, although the debate between pro-dynasty and anti-dynasty fraternity may not end soon, he cited the Full Gospel Church International and the Fountain Gate Chapel as success in transitions.

The Ekklesia Roundtable Series (ERS) is a Kingdom Equip Network (KEN) Ghana initiative organized annually since 2017. The series brings together clergy, the academia; Media, the public and experts in specific fields to build consensus on policy initiatives that enhance the governance of Churches and the nation.

About Kingdom Equip Network

Kingdom Equip is a network of individuals and organizations seeking to promote good governance within and among churches, para-church institutions and the society.

They are dedicated to helping church and para-church organizations achieve coherence in their general organization through sound Biblical principles.

Source: G-Com Multimedia