Religion Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Music does wonderful things - Cardinal Appiah-Turkson

Cape Coast, Jan. 11, GNA - Choristers have been advised to pray constantly to God for a sustained, soul-searching, lovely, powerful and inspiring voices to praise the Creator, and to heal the sick and unite the society.

The advice came from Archbishop Peter Cardinal Appiah-Turkson and Auxiliary Bishop, the Most Reverend Mathias Nketsiah, both of the Catholic Church, at a special annual music festival held at Cape Coast. Groups of choristers drawn from the various parts of the Central Region participated in the two-day festival organized jointly by the Cape Coast Archdiocese's Music Commission in collaboration with the two Clergymen.

Cardinal Appiah-Turkson emphasized the important role music and for that matter, singing played in the administration of divine activities, and strongly cautioned Choristers to lead decent lives worthy of emulation by all.

He said that Choristers could help to mould the bad characters and general attitudes of Ghanaians if they sang soul-touching and highly inspiring songs which sought to impress upon the people to repent from their sins and to change for the better. Most Rev. Mathias Nketsiah said he was optimistic that such spiritually-inclined songs could serve as a powerful divine weapon to release people in all forms of distress and bondage and eventually draw them closer to God.


He enumerated good things music could do to enhance the general well-being of the people as, the soul-upliftment, inspiration of the spirit, healing of the sick, and most importantly to praise God for all the good things He does for mankind. Cardinal Appiah-Turkson and Most Rev. Nketsiah commended leaders and members of the groups, which participated and urged them to compose more inspiring Christian songs for the benefit of the Church and the nation.

At the end of the festival Senya-Beraku and the Winneba Catholic Choirs captured the first and second positions, respectively, with Ola Catholic Church Choir in Cape Coast securing the third place.

Source: GNA