Religion Wed, 3 Sep 2008

Priest appeals to the youth to dress decently

Sunyani Sept. 3, GNA - The Reverend Samuel Budu-Arthur, Minister in charge of Ebenezer Methodist Church at Penkwase in Sunyani Diocese, has urged church goers to lead exemplary lives to help transform undesirable lifestyles especially among the youth.

"It is simple to change the life styles of people, especially the youth if those who attend churches lead exemplary lives", he said. Preaching at the 8th week-long celebration of the Church's Youth Fellowship at Penkwase, Rev. Budu-Arthur said "it is very difficult these days to differentiate between Christians and non-Christians in our communities because of their interactions and the way of dressing". The celebration brought together youth fellowships of the church at Yawhima, Kotokrom, New-Dormaa, Nkwabeng and Wesley Cathedral, all in Sunyani Diocese, was aimed at raising funds to complete youth projects. It was under the theme, "Moving the Church ahead, the youth as a catalyst".


Rev. Budu-Arthur advised the youth to lead exemplary lives and to actively participate in church activities, stressing that the attitude and behaviour of some youth was a major hindrance to their progress in life.

He appealed to the youth to dress decently so others could follow their example and called for love and unity amongst them. He urged them not to rush in life and advised especially the girls to abstain from pre-martial sex and lead responsible and disciplined lives.

Source: GNA