Religion Tue, 22 May 2012

Priest urges politicians to avoid hate speeches

Reverend Gabriel Atidoo, Vicar General of the Diocese of Navrongo/Bolgatanga, on Sunday called on politicians to seek guidance from God as they engaged in political campaign towards election 2012.

He enjoined politicians to give their electorates clear campaign messages that would convince them to vote for them.

Reverend Atidoo gave this advice when he celebrated mass at the Bolgatanga Sacred Heart Cathedral, on behalf of the outgoing parish priest, Most Reverend Moses Akebule, who is on transfer to the Bishop’s Office

He said the daily verbal attacks on the airwaves by politicians could breed violence and hatred, and asked Ghanaians to pray to God to choose a leader who can manage the affairs of the country.

He also urged the youth to refrain from acts that would lead them into electoral violence.

Making reference from the day’s reflections, he asked Ghanaians to emulate the apostles who continued in prayers after Judas abandoned the ministry and his consequent death.

He said the apostles never fought among themselves but prayed for the right slot for the group to continue their work in the ministry.**

Source: GNA