Religion Thu, 24 May 2012

Re: Is there a God?

Kwaku Ba is back again arguing about God. While I clearly see his frustration with the Bible, I cannot argue for the Bible? I can however, argue – and a very simple one at that for the existence of God, which happens to be his prime concern in this article.

While God cannot be an object of observation in a telescope, believers in Him base their arguments on his signs. By that we imply the meaningfulness and order of the visible universe and what is in it including man himself.

Now as to the existence of God, I’ll base my argument on simple reasoning and not by quoting from the Holy Scriptures. For what use is such a quote for one who does not believe?

Reason No.1

A group of Scientists - do an excavation and are excited about an observation. A stone carved in a particular way to imply a tool; maybe it is. Near the stone 'tool' is a skull. The group of Scientists shouts Eureka – they found something. They draw conclusions – Primitive man was very intelligent he used tools. How did they arrive at that? The stone 'tool' near the skull, they argue, the stone tool could not have made itself, and it is impossible to be by chance – such beautiful piece of engineering work. Now let us come to the skull that was lying near it. Like the author, they empathically say NO. This was not created. See the stupidity of the brilliant scientist? Is it possible that the body which owned the skull, with it's complex systems – nervous system, Circulatory system, reproductive system, Immune system, skeletal system, the eye and sight, Digestive system, airways and smell, veins and arteries, tissues and organs, feelings, memory, hearing, tendons and ligaments, teeth, the lungs, the liver, body of salts and marrow, enzymes, balance and the ear, blood cells, antibodies, vocal cords, and many others, you name it. All independent yet related to form a man, had nobody behind it’s making, yet a simple tool was created. Give us a break my friend! A reader only needs to read a secondary school biology book to appreciate the super design behind these systems. Praise God. Let us look at just one example. An example anyone who has visited a chemical plant will readily appreciate. THE LIVER. It is a chemical plant that has no comparison; it functions as a blood reservoir, produces bile to help in digestion of food, almost any chemical substance can be modified by the liver. It also acts as a detoxifier, rendering harmful molecules harmless thus protecting us. It stores vitamins which are needed for healing and fighting diseases, stores glycogen to maintain blood sugar levels. Manufactures enzymes, proteins etc. and yet with all this a simple tool was designed by someone and a liver had no designer. Go ahead and study the eye, ear lungs etc, and yes there is no God, but the stone tool had a god. Great thinking!


Since we are in the age of computers let’s use it as evidence. The Author of God Arises states this example. Claude Hathaway was among the first to design a computer called “electric brain” then. It was designed for the US National advisory Committee on Aeronautics at Langley Field. In his book the great Designer”, he had this to say after the success of the computer.

“It was my job several years ago to design an electric computer that would rapidly solve complicated equations uncounted in two-dimensional stress theory. This problem was solved by an assembly of hundreds of vacuum tubes, electro-mechanical devices and complicated circuitry, and the completed “brain” in a cabinet about the size of three large pianos, is still in use by National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics. After working on this computer for a year or two, and after facing and solving the many design problems which it presented, it is completely irrational to me to think that such a device could come into being in any other way than through the agency of intelligent designer”

Now let us look at the universe around us which is more vast not just three large pianos, but more complex than the computer. Can we just for one minute, ponder on our creation and the universe around us and say “Laa ilaaha illa Allah”. There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. He is the creator of the universe.


His name. The idea of Devine is as old as man. That his name exists in all languages is a proof of his existence. What do I mean by this?. Everything original has a name whereas for any new thing a name has to be created for it. Take for example the Computer. It has no name in Dagari, Dagbani, Twi, Ga, Ewe, Frafra or any of the languages. It name has to be created because it is new. So we may call it with a new name or imitate the name given to it by the creators. Same goes for Car, Phone etc. But in every language we have had the name of God and no one can tell you when it was started because it is original. Pictures in caves of primitive man, dancing around fire, pouring libation, sacrificing to a diety do not mean they did not believe in God, but rather the search for God. Here is where Prophets and organized religion come into play. Not all those who search find. In the search for God, you need guidance. The believe in God is inherent in man it is the undeniable truism. We may pretend not to believe in God, but deep down us we always know we believe in Him. A man in a ship in the middle of nowhere and suddenly there are sure signs that the ship is going to overturn. He looks around him and finds no hope but his mind immediately races to God for savior. It is natural. I remember in the first article I read by the author, he ended it with “God bless you” I say which God?.


Yes, it is true, those who reject Allah will be punished severely and those who accept him and do righteous deeds and seek his forgiveness will be rewarded abundantly in His Heaven.

No two ways about that. As for the debate about that it can come another day. So to the author and similar minded people I call you to the true path to God which is the religion of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and all the Prophets, Peace and blessings of God be on them all. To get further enlightenment, read the Last testament revealed to mankind – The Holy Quran.

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings upon His Messenger.



Source: Alhassan, I