Reconcile and be at peace with each other - Rt. Rev. Dr. Agidi

Tue, 29 Mar 2016 Source: GNA

The Right Reverend Dr. Seth Agidi, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, has urged Christians to reconcile and be at peace with each other to reflect the love Christ has for mankind.

In a Statement copied to the Ghana News Agency to commemorate the Easter Festivity, Rt Rev. Dr. Seth Agidi, said as Christians, this Easter season provided us with another brighter opportunity to seek and chart the path of forgiveness, peace, unity and reconciliation as individual citizens, as political groupings, as civil society and as a country.

“It is a period for us to reconcile with Christ Jesus in the spirit of dedication and truth as faithful stewards of the Lord, let us avoid falling prey to the dictates of the devil, thereby allowing ourselves to be corrupted with greed and used as instruments of causing mayhem in society”.

He said as Ghanaians were approaching the November elections to elect Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates, it was important for us however to take a cue from the conduct and experiences of previous elections vis-à-vis eruptions of upheavals and wars that emanated from similar national elections held in some of our sister African countries.

“It is my belief that all actors in Ghana’s political arena and electoral exercise belong to one religious faith and the other, let us therefore, affirm allegiance to our country and demonstrate our faith as dedicated stewards of God”.

He urged Ghanaians and political parties to demonstrate high sense of decorum in their campaign activities.

“We may affiliate our allegiance individually to different political divides, but let us be guided by our conscious and faith, and affirm our loyalty to the big family as a faith entity, and as one nation with one people and a common destiny”.

Source: GNA