Religion Sun, 29 Aug 2010

Religious bodies urged to lead crusade against indiscipline

Accra, Aug 29, GNA - Pastor John Borham, National Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, at the weekend asked religious bodies to lead the crusade against indiscipline which has undermined the social fabric of the nation.

He expressed concern about the high rate of indiscipline and moral degeneration in the country especially among the youth and called on religious bodies to strengthen the evangelisation.

"The church as a mother owes it a duty to inculcate good morals and the word of God into the youth and as well as protect them from veering into such social vices," he said.

Pastor Borham made the call at the launch of the church's "Success Camp 2010" in Accra at the weekend.

The programme under the theme; "Reach Your Summit" is an annual event which seeks to impart the word of God to the youth as Jesus Christ charged the disciples to reach out to people with the word worldwide.

Its main target would be students in junior high and senior high schools and vocational training schools from the ages of 13 to 20 years.

As part of the programme, participants would be taken through topics on HIV and AIDS awareness, Youth and Morden Technology, Principles of Success, Discovery of Leadership Potential, Prayer and Success as well as counselling sections.

Pastor Borham said the Success Camp, which had been decentralised, would be held in all the 10 regional capitals starting from 31st August to 4th September 2010.

He noted that moral degeneration was responsible for the high rate of social vices including rape, armed robbery, cyber crime, prostitution and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Pastor Borham appealed to the youth to attend school and develop their talents instead of engaging in social vices and using inappropriate ways in seeking material wealth.

He urged Christian youth to be guided by the Word of God, which entreated them to be the 'salt of the earth' and the 'light of the world' by exhibiting shining examples to their colleagues.

Pastor Archibald Ako-Nnubeng, National Administrator of the Church, giving the background of the annual event said the Students Outreach started in 1979 when the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry held the first ever Free Vacation School for secondary school students in Lagos State.

He explained that the impact of programme was tremendous as the lives of many young people were transformed and they were motivated to succeed academically.

"Widening the horizon of youth evangelism, the outreach to students in their various schools was established as Post Primary School Outreach. This was eventually changed to Deeper Life Schools Outreach (DLSO).

"Over the years, this Outreach has operated in the secondary schools directly or indirectly under the names Success Club or Christian Student Fellowship.

"There is an off-shoot of DLSO which caters for the youth in Deeper Life Bible Church. This is named Youth Home Success Fellowship," he said.

Source: GNA